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gRio500 is a Gnome/GTK+ interface to the Rio500 Linux drivers that Cesar Miquel, Keith Clayton, and Bruce Tenison wrote. I highly recommend you go to their page and grab the latest drivers (though, most new kernels and distributions seem to have their latest drivers packaged in).
The code obviously requires that you have their driver loaded or compiled into your kernel).


2001 Aug 23 - New release!! Go download the latest 0.6 release! It's got a brand new GUI, and a few bug fixes. It's proven stable for me and several other it's good enough for the world! :P

2001 Jun 26 - It's been a while, but I'm on vacation and coding again! Check out the CVS sources for the latest GUI, as per the many user requests. I'm going to be making a ton of changes and adding new features over the next couple of weeks....

2001 Mar 02 - We're working on a bunch of new features like context-menus, some newer/cleaner dialogs, etc. I've also fixed the deletion bug (so you don't need to send me more bug reports on that, as it has been fixed).
I spent most of yesterday and today working on adding some new code to the Rio500 kernel driver itself to allow swapping of songs (i.e.: re-doing the ordering). By adding this functionality to the kernel driver, we'll be able to re-order songs from grio500 (as well as letting other UIs do the same, as it is a pretty neat function to have). I have final papers and programs coming up, so my time to work on grio500 will be reduced for a few weeks. Hopefully we'll be able to make a release sometime in April... May at the very latest. Remember, you can always grab the CVS code to try our developer versions. :) They're....mostly stable.

2001 Feb 26 - New release! Go grab the new grio500-0.5 release NOW!

2001 Feb 25 - Fixed a couple of bugs, and added mp3 playback controls so you can preview mp3s before copying them to the Rio500. We're getting closer and closer to a release now. We haven't noticed any bugs yet, so hopefully we can make a release in a day or two.

2001 Feb 21 - Tod's been adding a lot of cool stuff into CVS, check it out! The new UI is functional, and much much cooler than the old kludgy UI. The new LAME re-mixing code is in there too, so you can automatically downmix mp3s into 64kbps/s or 22khz if you (like Tod & I) are more interested in having study/background music rather than high-quality CD music in the interest of fitting more mp3s on. Anyhow, it's all in CVS - so you can do a checkout or grab the latest nightly tarball from Sourceforge. We'll hopefully try to make a release this week or next.

2001 Feb 17 - Tod did a mock-up of a new GUI (which I like much better than the old version) which is in CVS now. It's not functional yet, but hopefully we can get that added in pretty soon. He's also working on code to do automatic re-sampling and re-compression of MP3s on the fly using lame, which is pretty cool. Should be in CVS soon...

2000 Nov 28 - it's been a loooong time since I've touched the code - but I'm getting some (actually quite a lot) of requests to fix bugs and add new features. As such, I've moved my whole project over to Sourceforge for more consistent hosting. I have finals, and then I go on vacation for about a month - but after that, I hope to release a bug fixed 0.41 release. Then hopefully, we can get a 0.5 release out with some new features soon afterwards. If you can help out with some coding, please let me know by email

2000 Jun 11 - One last quickie update - Keith committed the patches I had made earlier to CVS, so grio500 0.4 does NOT need the patches-0.1.tgz anymore. You still need the CVS version though (to support the Smartmedia cards)

2000 Jun 11 - I just realised I didn't have my email address on this page, so I put it up at the top. Feel free to email me with any concerns, questions, comments, or suggestions you have. Also, I've got a bunch of stuff I want to add to gRio500 (like font support, a little pane telling the size of the files selected, etc. etc.) that I want to work on really really bad. Unfortunately, I've got finals next week, and I'm going home next Monday (leaving school for the summer) - so any development is pretty much suspended until after I get home which won't be until the 19th. So look for some cool stuff coming out then..

2000 Jun 5 _ gRio500 0.4 released. important note: this release REQUIRES the CVS version of the rio500 libraries and include files. I've added Smartmedia external memory support, as well as a preferences menu option which does nothing yet - but will eventually (probably in a few days) have a field for setting the default font. You will also need the following patches to the CVS (fixed a couple of typos and added a get_memory_total func): patches-0.1.tar.gz

2000 Jun 3 - gRio500 0.3 is out (wow, an update each day). I removed the buttons on the bottom left and instead made them toolbar buttons, thus lengthening the local browser. I also added functionality to rename songs and folders

2000 Jun 2 - Release gRio500 0.2 - I completely re-wrote the interfacing callbacks to use the API that Cesar told me about, so while the end result may not look any different - the code is much much much cleaner. I also added functionality to delete songs and folders from the Rio500

grio500-cvsroot.tar.gz - gRio500 - the nightly CVS snapshots - warning: may not be stable, as this is the current development version.

grio500-0.6.tar.gz - gRio500 - do the standard ./configure, make, make install and you should have your very own grio500 executable.

rio500 linux drivers download site - the actual linux kernel drivers - you need to compile this as a module, or into your kernel to make all the Rio500 proggies work.

gRio500 Sourceforge Project Page - go here to grab CVS copies, or get help through the message boards
ChangeLog - the usual changelog for gRio500
rio500 *nix drivers page - go here cause it's damn where would i be without them?

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